The Tao of The Mind

One fascinating side about people is that their opinion and world views are a direct product of how they take up data(*). You in all probability heard the story about three blind males who the place making an attempt to know what an elephant is. One blind man touched the elephant’s leg and concluded that an elephant was like a large tree trunk. The opposite one touched the tooth and conclude that the elephant was a spear and the final one touched the trunk and concluded that the elephant have to be some type of wriggling snake.

(*) And naturally additionally the type of data they take up.

Equally folks understand the world in numerous ways in which make sense to them given their technique of notion and the knowledge and data processing that’s obtainable to them. There are not less than two methods(*) of taking in data. The oldest approach is by sensing and experiencing – just like the self-taught mechanic who can repair an engine however can’t inform you the way it works. Lao Tsu would approve. A more recent approach is by assigning phrases to our expertise and speaking. This presents an issue within the sense that after I say “canine” and also you hear me say “canine” – are we speaking about the identical canine? This fashion of taking in data disregards the expertise and quite suits it right into a framework of language which may be both phrases, logic, or feelings or values. An individual can disregard his experiences to a level the place he can not tie his personal shoelaces. There are additionally not less than two methods of reaching conclusions which result in actions. Each begin with sure values however one system prioritizes the values based on how they make them and different individuals really feel and the opposite different prioritizes the values based on guidelines of logic.

(*) If you realize of a 3rd approach let me know within the feedback. That will be VERY fascinating.

A really human trait is to type an opinion very early on say when 20 % of the knowledge is given after which supporting data is used to bolster one’s preliminary conclusion whereas opposite data is disregarded. It is a quick option to make folks very decisive which is an effective factor in an emergency however it is usually a approach of creating certain that individuals stay unsuitable for a very long time.

One other very human trait is to weigh latest data greater than historic data or worse, weigh it increased than than “what shouldn’t be seen”. The latter is causes an infinite quantities of confusion. One may virtually say that all the subject of economics is devoted to resolve this downside (the damaged window fallacy), not less than after a few beers. In physics this many-world downside has been solved utilizing wavefunctions; normally it’s offered the opposite approach round saying that many-worlds is a method of deciphering the wavefunction.

I’m prepared to guess cash (I wouldn’t win on a regular basis however I’d win as a rule) that if you happen to consider in all pervading resonance fields or a collective consciousness or if you happen to consider there’s one thing better than your self however you’ll be able to’t fairly pinpoint it, or if you happen to’re all the time on a quest for solutions, you’re in all probability disregarding the expertise and pondering abstractedly valuing your conclusions based on how they make you are feeling. You simply “know” there’s something better than your self. Conversely, if you happen to hold disregarding the experiencing of the world the surrounds you, that’s, you retain on philosophizing however use logic, you’re pressured to conclude that there are not any issues which might be better than your self and people which might be may be understood (as a result of if you happen to can’t perceive, it’s not related, see? 😉 ) which principally means you “personal” or management them and are not in awe. In case you are used to experiencing belongings you’re very more likely to do as everyone else does. The reason being that because you don’t spend numerous time in your individual world, that’s, your individual head, you’ll spend time in different folks’s world. You’ll discuss “what everyone’s speaking about”.

Sure, everyone are just about a slave of their building.

You might suppose that you realize the reality, however do you?

The simplest jail is the one you can’t see, your individual mind.

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